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Garmin Express

Manage devices from your desktop.

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Garmin Express

Garmin Express is a software that is used for setting up, registering and managing your Garmin device. It notifies you whenever new updates are available so that users can install all the updates immediately. Also, you can save your preferred maps and then transfer the data on your Garmin device. Hence, to setup Garmin Express, you need to follow the below-given procedures. 

Download Garmin Express

  1. First of all, open a web browser on your system. 
  2. Visit by typing it in the address bar. 
  3. On the homepage, place your cursor on any tab given at the top of your screen. 
  4. Select Garmin Express from the list. Then, click on Download for Windows or Download for Mac according to your operating system. 
  5. The file will start downloading and you need to wait for its completion. 
  6. When the software is successfully downloaded, it will be saved in the Downloads folder. 

Garmin Express

Procedure To Install Garmin Express  

For Windows: 
  1. To access the downloaded file, open the Downloads folder on your Windows computer.
  2. Now, search for the .exe setup file in your folder.
  3. Double-click the downloaded file and your desktop screen will display a pop-up box of Security Warning asking you Do you want to run this file? Click on the Run button. 
  4. In the User Account Control pop-up box, click on the yes button for granting permission to make required changes to your computer. 
  5. The main window of the program will appear on your screen. Garmin recommends you to read the license agreement of the software. For that, click on the terms and conditions link and select the checkbox given there if you agree with the terms.
  6. In addition, if you intend to change the default installation location, click on the Options tab which is given at the bottom-left corner of the window. 
  7.  In the next window, click on the Browse tab and then select your desired folder in which you want to save the downloaded file. Then, click on the Ok button. 
  8. To return back on the installation screen, click on the Back button
  9. Now, click on the Install button given at the bottom-right corner of the Installation window. 
  10. In the next window of Installation Successful, click on the Launch Garmin Express tab. 
  11. Lastly, click on the Get Started tab. 
For Mac : 

To install the software on your Mac system, follow the given steps: 

  1. Open the Downloads folder on your Mac system.
  2. Locate the .dmg downloaded file and open it. 
  3. In the next window, double-click the Install Garmin Express icon. It will show you a pop-up box to check that the software can be installed or not. Click on the Continue button. 
  4. In the next window, click Continue again. 
  5. Software License Agreement will appear on your screen. Review all the terms and conditions and click on the Continue button. 
  6. Then, a pop-up box appears. You must agree to all the terms and conditions to continue with the installation process. 
  7. After that, it will show you the installation window. Click on the Install button located on the bottom-right corner of the window. 
  8. The file will start installing. In between the installation process, a pop-up box will display on your screen. Enter your Mac credentials and then click on the OK button.
  9. On the Installation Successful window, click on the Close button given at the bottom of the window. 

Update via Garmin Express 

  1.  Open the Garmin Express application. 
  2.  Then, Connect your Garmin device to your system by using a USB cable. 
  3. In the next window, you need to click on Add a Device icon. By doing so, the software will start searching for your Garmin device.  
  4. When your device is successfully connected to the system, click on the “Add Device” button which is given below your device name. In case your device is not found, click on the “search again” link. 
  5. After that, the product registration window will be shown on your screen. Then, register your device by entering your email address and click on the Next button located at the bottom.  
  6. Now, Sync with Garmin Connect and sign in to your account. For that, follow the steps that are given below: 
  • Click on the sign-in button.  
  • Now, Enter your registered email address and password that you have used while creating your account. Again click the Sign in button. 
  • In case, if you do not have an account, click on the create account button. Then, follow the instructions display on your screen for account creation and sign select your preferred language. Then, click on the Next button which is given at the bottom. 
  1. To install maps and software updates, set a wireless or wired network connection. 
  2. In the next window, click on the terms and conditions link and read it carefully. Click on the Yes button and it will start setting up your device. 
  3. When the setup is completed, click on the “Sync” tab and wait for syncing. 
  4. Garmin Express will start checking for all the available map updates. To view all the updates, click on the Garmin Connect icon.
  5. In the next window, click on the tab of view details and all the maps and software updates will display on your screen.
  6. Now, select the updates you wish to install from the list. Then, click on the Install tab which is given next to your update. 
  7. While the updates are installing, a dialog box will appear on your screen of certain terms and conditions. Read all the terms and if you agree to it, click on the Accept button given there. 
  8. Do not unplug your device or shut down your computer in between the installation process. 
  9. Once the updates are installed, a Successful window will appear on your screen. This completes the setup process of Garmin Express.